Golf Coach Registration

Can I input more than one coaching location?

Now, we allow multiple coaching address for every coach. Basically, you will be able to enter a few coaching locations. All of which will be shown on your listing. However, the sorting function for ‘Distance Near to Far’ will be based on your entered primary coaching location.

Do I need to be a certified PGAM instructor?

No, we welcome anyone to list as an instructor in our portal. However, we will only list coaches that has good teaching accreditations. Please note that we reserve the right to take down your listing anytime without prior notice if we find any violation of professional code of conduct.

Do I need to pay to list on this web portal?

It is absolutely free to list your teaching profile here.

How do I know whether my listing attracts students?

We have a tracking system for the number of clicks on the ‘contact me’ button at your listing page. If you would like to know the number of clicks, please e-mail to

Also, we have a contact form. We will refer to you if there is any enquiry.

How to manage/edit / delete my listing?

Simply click on the arrow at the top right hand corner> click ‘manage ads’ and make the changes .

What is ‘coaching expertise’ on the coach registration page?

This is for coaches that have preference over the type of students they wish to conduct training. Tick all check box if you have no preference.


Can I attend training in a group?

Please contact the coach. In most cases, the coach will agree on that.

Do I need to buy or rent a golf club before attending golf lesson?

Most coaches are willing to borrow you the golf clubs during your lesson. However, you will still need to have your own club during your normal practice. We would advise you to buy second hand golf clubs to start with.

How to find the best coach that suits me?

We strongly recommend you to view and compare the reviews, rating and experience of a few coaches based on your current location. You may apply the sorting function – Distance Near to Far to shortlist coaches that stay near to you. You can then contact the coach before starting your first lesson. Finding a coach that speaks your mother tongue may help you with it as well.

Is there a free trial session or money back guarantee with the golf instructor?

This is based on the consensus agreed by both parties. You can contact the coach and discuss about your requirement.

Is there any additional cost besides coaching fees?

Normally, Students will need to pay for the practice balls at the driving range during the coaching lessons. On top of it, students will need to pay for the green fees and buggy if there is an on course lesson (9/18 holes) included in the lesson package unless otherwise specified.